For Women Only

Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., an expert in the treatment of sexual problems, stated that, "most women will experience a sexual problem at some point in their lives."   These problems include a lack of orgasm, pain during sexual intercourse, partner attraction issues, and/or a lack of sexual desire. However, this topic is difficult to discuss for women, much less seek out the professional help that is available for these difficulties. The books listed below were written by experts in sexual therapy and may help you if you have concerns in this area.


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Getting the sex you want.  Shed your inhibitions and reach new heights of passion together.  T. Nelson, 2008


The elusive orgasm – A woman’s guide to why she can't and how she can orgasm. V. Cass, 2007


For each other – sharing sexual intimacy. L. Barbach, 1983


The pause:  Positive approaches to perimenopause and menopause. L. Barbach, 2000


For yourself – The fulfillment of female sexuality. L. Barbach, 2000


Becoming orgasmic:  A sexual and personal growth program for women. J. Heiman and J. LoPiccolo, 1987