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What is the NO More Fear Seminar?

The NO More Fear seminar is available to all of our current clients.  Ask your therapist when the next group will be held. 


This is a psychoeducational intensive three hour Saturday seminar that focuses on making you the expert in your treatment. Everyone in the group is working on an exposure based plan at CFCBT for their OCD or anxiety disorder.  It's tough therapy so why not join with other people who can support you and know exactly what you are going through.  


You will learn the latest research on the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders, how to break out of the worry cycle, the role that intolerance uncertainty plays, and how avoidance is the enemy.  You are going to be more successful in your therapy when you understand the science behind the principles of successful exposure.  Psychoeducation is empowering.  


The seminar is designed to augment the work that you are doing with your CFCBT therapist.  


We have one group for adults, one for teens, and one for parents/partners.  Your therapist can tell you more about it.  


Join Janet Caryk and learn more about how to transform your relationship with anxiety.

Upcoming NO More Fear Seminars:

January 7, 2022: NO More Fear - Part 2 

January 16, 2022: NO More Fear - Let's Talk About Dread

May 6, 2022: NO More Fear - OCD Is a Family Affair 

May 6, 2022: NO More Fear - For Adults Living with OCD

February 25, 2023, 1 - 4pm: NO More Fear - Part 3

Contact your CFCBT therapist for details.

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