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Talks and Community Outreach

Online Meeting

CFCBT Gives Back to the Community

The Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CFCBT) offers educational talks, consultation, and education to the Alberta community, physicians, and other mental health professionals.  


CFCBT specializes in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders.  By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we firmly believe that we can contribute to the destigmatizing of mental health issues and help people become informed consumers of psychological services.  


CFCBT has given talks to parent groups, psychiatrists, family physicians, schools, and primary care networks in the past.  


We are now able to deliver our presentations over Zoom.  

If you would like to expand your knowledge about exposure-based treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders, please email us, and let's chat about how CFCBT can help.  Consider us for a “Lunch and Learn” workshop.  We can tailor a talk to your specific needs.  


We can offer the patients of your busy medical clinic a psychoeducational seminar on exposure-based therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders and teach your patients how to break out of the worry cycle. 

Please get in touch with Wes Miller at for more information. 

Virtual Team Meeting
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