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"Dr. Wes Miller always puts me at ease and feeling confident in the care provided to me as completely competent and of great value. I enter most sessions with feelings of confusion and disorientation and end the sessions with a sense of confidence in that these initial feelings have been placed into a perspective that seems logical and thought provoking which puts me at ease and affords me the ability to sort out these feelings and find the logic in that these feelings are symptomatic of my condition rather than a false sense of reality. Given that consideration, I highly recommend Dr. Miller and the center to anyone in need of this level of treatment."

"Everyone is just like you. You will find yourself nodding along with what they are saying and not feeling alone. There is no pressure and you feel good after pushing yourself to go and not letting your anxiety win. The name of the event does not mean you will have a frightening experience at all" [Fright Night]

Writing in a Graph Notebook

"I started therapy here just over two years ago and I am so thankful for everyone who works here. I have OCD which means the only way to treat this disorder is with Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy. I swear we looked almost everywhere in Edmonton before finding the CFCBT who not only specializes in this therapy but has a dedicated and resourceful team of psychologists that gave my family and I hope. Dr. Joti has helped me overcome many of my Obsessions and Compulsive Behaviours which has given me back parts of my life I thought lost. Even at my worst, she went beyond all my expectations to get me help. Finding and helping me get more support from other places as well. They also created a monthly Fright Night which was very beneficial as it let me find others who were also struggle so I no longer feel alone in this fight. So, if you are looking for a place to get treatment for yourself or a loved one, I highly recommend you give this place a try."

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